MagneHealth UK offers a unique selection of magnetic therapy products for improved health, wellbeing and natural pain relief. Our products can offer relief from headaches, migraines, tinnitus, shoulder pain, neck ache, arthritis, foot, leg and ankle pain, hand and wrist pain, weak knees and leg joints, poor circulation and general aches and pains

We believe we offer top quality, superior products, which have been designed to last.  From simple Insoles or Wrist Wraps, to a choice of Merino wool Toppers/Underblankets, we pride ourselves in supplying an extensive range of high quality, good value items, which can be used by all the family.

We sell:

Magnet Therapy mattress toppers.

Magnet Therapy cushion pads.

Magnet Therapy knee supports

Magnet Therapy wrist supports

Magnet Therapy shoe insoles

Our products can work 24/7 while you work, rest or sleep to help with aches, pains, injury repair, strains and sprains as well as assisting and improving every day energy and health.

MagneHealth UK is a leader in top quality magnetic therapy products and 93% of our customers report the same positive benefits that we experienced when we first slept on a magnetic therapy mattress topper ourselves, over ten years ago.