Monthly Archives: April 2016

Magnetic Therapy for Pets – Amazon and MagneHealth

We are constantly baffled and intrigued by the inner workings of Amazon, but are convinced that “they” or rather “it” definitely promotes products if they are seen to sell well – for some peculiar reason we have sold more magnetic pet beds on Amazon recently than ever before…  these are small pet cushions, made of Merino […]

“Have only had my MagneHealth mattress (cover) a few days but already can see a difference in my arthritic fingers….”

“Have only had a my mattress (cover) a few days but already can see a difference in my arthritic fingers. It feels like a miracle that I am able to make a fist with my left hand and have more movement in the fingers of my right hand which are very swollen and mis-shapen.  Cannot […]

4 Steps to Reduce Electrosmog (EMFs) in your Bedroom (and improve your health and sleep)

This is a link to a fascinating article titled “4 Steps to Reduce Electrosmog in Your Bedroom” – it is part of a really interesting American website called  Several of our MagneHealth customers have recommended it and we now subscribe and receive emails ourselves. The article on Electrosmog describes the adverse health effects of […]

Magnetic Pillow Covers – A natural aid to improve insomnia

A timely coincidence – on the day that the BBC reported that most adults in the UK are getting an insufficient amount of sleep each night, we were approached by a new hotel development in Birmingham to supply a number of MagneHealth Magnetic Pillow Covers.  It is  always good to know how customers have found us, […]