Monthly Archives: May 2016

This has made it all worthwhile!

This made it all worthwhile!  Today we were telephoned by Carol Field in Ely – she bought, a little while ago, a MagneHealth underblanket for her 92 year old mother.  She had suffered from very poor sleep, swollen legs and arthritis but from the very first night of using the Underblanket, Carol said she fell […]

Improving Sleep with Magnetic Therapy and avoiding Sleeping Tablets

The desperate need to improve sleep is something that is remarkably common these days – many of our MagneHealth customers eventually come to us having had years and years of poor sleep and realising they no longer want to be dependent on sleeping tablets.  Just last week we had a heartwarming telephone call from a […]

Simple tips to optimise sleep

Prior to light bulbs, people slept for an average of 10 hours a night.  Nowadays the average person is getting less than seven hours.  As mentioned by Authority Nutrition in USA: “It turns out that perhaps the SINGLE biggest contributor to our collective sleep problems is the use of artificial lighting and electronics at night.  […]