This has made it all worthwhile!

This made it all worthwhile!  Today we were telephoned by Carol Field in Ely – she bought, a little while ago, a MagneHealth underblanket for her 92 year old mother.  She had suffered from very poor sleep, swollen legs and arthritis but from the very first night of using the Underblanket, Carol said she fell asleep immediately and, over time, her legs are far less swollen and she is taking less and less Paracetamol for leg pain.  It has convinced Carol to buy a MagneHealth for herself and she told us how she is now singing the praises of what it has done for her mother to all of the District Nurses and local health professionals.

Getting a business up and running takes a tremendous amount of commitment and hard work, but the effort of all of this is soon forgotten when you are rewarded with happy customers.  Getting to hear, first hand, is what makes running your own business just so worthwhile….