“Magnetic brain training can slow decline in Alzheimer’s patients”

“Magnetic brain training can slow decline in Alzheimer’s patients” was the headline for a fascinating article in The Times on 8th February (2017).

Scientists in Israel and US have found that recall and reasoning exercises boosted by electromagnetic brain stimulation can help restore quality of life for people in the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s.  The first specialist clinic in Europe to offer the “NeuroAD” treatment in Marylebone, London, admitted its first patient at the beginning of February.  Over the past three months the technique has been adopted by private practices in Chester, Manchester and Berkshire.

Martine Stoffels, a consultant old-age psychiatrist has used the technology to treat 8 Alzheimer’s patients in High Wycombe.  “The people who have been going through our treatment protocol have all improved, which is incredibly exciting and beyond what we expected”.

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