This is a business very much based on personal experience.  Having slept on a magnetic therapy topper ourselves in 2005, whilst living in New Zealand, we have been supplying these and other magnetic therapy items in the UK ever since. From small, tentative beginnings we now supply a wide range of items which help provide natural pain relief and can improve general health and wellbeing.  Since we first started sleeping on a MagneHealth topper, Guy has not had to visit the local osteopath and Caroline feels it helps to maintain energy levels.

We believe we offer top quality, superior products, which have been designed to last.  From simple Insoles or Wrist Wraps, to a choice of Merino wool or cotton quilted Toppers/Underblankets, we pride ourselves in supplying an extensive range of high quality, good value items, to suit all budgets, and can be used by all the family.

Our magnet therapy mattress toppers, under blankets, cushion pads, pillows, knee supports, wrist supports and shoe insoles can work 24/7 while you work, rest or sleep to help with aches, pains, injury repair, strains and sprains as well as assisting and improving every day energy and health.

Magnets or lodestones and their use in alternative therapies can be traced back to 2000 BC to Aztec Indians and ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese. Magnetic therapy apparently gained its first publicity through Paracelsus, a 14th century physician and alchemist who suggested that the repel and attract properties of magnets may also do the same for diseases within the body.

Since then magnet therapy has been attributed to benefit health and wellbeing. Magnet therapy has also been reported to assist sports injury recovery since the 1970s. A 1997 study at Baylor College of Medicine USA concluded that magnet therapy may reduce pain. The publication of that study increased public awareness and resulted in a rapid growth of magnet therapy products available to a wider market.   As recently as January 2014 NICE formally approved the use of magnet therapy in the UK for the treatment of certain migraines.

Today MagneHealth UK is a leader in top quality magnetic therapy products and 93% of our customers report the same positive benefits that we experienced when we first slept on a magnetic therapy mattress topper ourselves, over ten years ago.

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Guy and Caroline Bodger

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Disclaimer:- please read this before using magnetic therapy products:
In the case of pregnancy, treatment for cancer of if you have any sort of medical implant such as a pacemaker, insulin pump or defibrillator, magnet therapy is not recommended.  White Cloud does not diagnose, prescribe or make any medical claims. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. No guarantee of effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results can and do vary. As a precaution we advise you to keep electronic, electrical and magnetic devices a reasonable distance away from magnetic therapy products as it may affect their performance.